We have different services to offer you. But we also deal with the smallest to the biggest problems homemakers have. We are not just focused in serving the establishments and companies. But we also serve the community to keep the residential customers safe. Do you know that we also handle laundry room rewiring? Yes, we do! Some of the companies are not accepting this type of job simply because they think it is not important. But, that is not the case for us. We find it important to let you know that we can handle anything. Our electricians are well versed in different electrical problems. We find it challenging to try something new. We want to be of help to you in whatever way we can.
If you are planning to do a home remodeling or you just want to improve your basement or laundry area, we can help you out. Remodeling or home expansion is not a major problem. But if it concerns electricity, then we can handle those. There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled in this type of job. Be rest assured that our company will be there for you in every step of the way. We want to prove that we are skilled for this type of job and we will not leave any back-job issue. Our electricians know what they must do in a particular instance.

MCB Repair

We install the new Miniature Circuit Breaker(MCB) to protect your electric circuit from an over-current.

We provide appliance repair service on all your household appliances like oven, fridge and air conditioner.

Appliance Repair

First thing to deal with is the circuit requirements for the gas dryers and for the electric type. First, we must consider is the dryer of the clothes. Are you using the electric type or the gas type? From there we’ll know what to do. We’ll know how we can handle your needs. That will make us know if you need a 120V or a 240V types of outlets. The electric dryers may need the 240V to 30amp to be able to carry the loads of the heaters with the motor fans. The standard code mandates that the circuit must be very much dedicated in handling the load for a certain appliance only.
In case of the gas dryer. It only needs the power for the motor, controls and fans too. That way, it will work under the 120V circuit. That is just similar with the washing machine. Both of them must run using the same outlet, but there must be a specific circuit for the 2 of them. The circuits must have different outlets, but in one area only. We will be needing metal boxes and the conduit for the wiring if the area is still rough and unfinished. But if it is fully finished, there is no need for those anymore.
There are special circuit requirements that must be on top of your list. Some other laundry room circuits impose a special type of requirement. They have certain measures like 120V for 6ft of laundry or sink. This is a special requirement for laundry area in a garage or basement that is always wet. The lights must be LED, the rooms must be well ventilated etc. All these must be considered our electricians to be able to make the project work and meet the standards.