About Us

Fidelity Electric Services Litchfield Park are different from the other companies that you have come across with. That is because we value life and our clients. We know that you are all busy with your daily life. You do not have much time to deal with us. We do not have plans to waste your time. We want to make your life better and simpler in whatever way we can. Our motto is if we need to do one thing, we must do it well. Our goal is to make the lives or our clients simpler and worry free. We plan to do it from the day one of our existence to this day and the days to come. If you will look for an electrician these days, you will be surprised to know that their capabilities are limited and they focus to one thing and that is to do a home repair. Few of them would accept a rewiring job, because they find it troublesome. Our Electricial Services are the best in Litchfield Park.

Reliable & Trustworthy

Whether it’s commercial or residential service our professionals take care of all your electrical related issue.

But that is not the same for us. We fine every job challenging. Fidelity Electric Services Litchfield Park will accept it regardless if we need to put our lives at risk. That is as long as we can give help. Most of the electrical based companies nowadays are throwing the hard work to their sub-contractors. That is not the same thing for us. Fidelity Electric Services Litchfield Park handle everything from the simplest down to the hardest job. You called for help and so we will serve you the way you deserve to be treated. We will not throw the work to someone who is not well versed in handling the job. That is beyond our vocabulary. We will not engage in that kind of job. We have electricians who will be of help to you. You are free to call for a contractor or a plumber that will work with us, but we will not pass on the job to a sub-contractor. That is not the game we play. We are dedicated with our job, so you can be sure that we will be here to handle your needs. We will respond to your immediate concerns right away.